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Shopping in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu, popularly referred as the cradle of Dravidian culture, offers exciting shopping experiences to its visitors. The state is renowned for its rich culture heritage including its exquisite arts and crafts, which are world-famous for their uniqueness. Traditional items like Kanchipuram silks, Pattamara mats and the leaf and palmyra-fiber handicrafts from Tirunellveli, bronze and brass castings and traditional jewelry from Kumbakonam, metal works from Tanjore and stone sculptures from Mahabalipuram are famous all over the country.

Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu, is world-famous for its fine South Indian silk, embroidered silk sarees, hand-woven garments and handicrafts items. Poompuhar, the Tamil Nadu Emporium, and Khadi Gramodyog Bhawan have their shops in all major cities and tourist destinations of Tamil Nadu. They sell exquisite handicrafts and other exotic souvenirs, offering a rewarding shopping experience to visitors.

Madurai, the textile hub of South India, is famous for its readymade garments of fine silk and cotton. Thanjavur, also known as Tanjore, is known for its bronze items, especially the beautiful Chola Nataraja. The beautiful replicas of the ancient paintings and Thanjavur plates with their exquisite copper and silver work are specialty of Tanjore. Coimbatore also offers beautiful silk sarees and a range of handicraft items.

If you are fond of collecting fine pieces of sculptures, then Mahabalipuram is the perfect shopping place in Tamil Nadu. Mahabalipuram offers exquisite ancient art and craft including granite carved sculptures of Hindu Gods, exquisite woodcarvings and jewelry.

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